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Protect your assets with PATI inventories

Joe Hiscott Protect your possessions, important information and financial assets. PATI - Personal Asset Tracking Inc. - makes it easy. A member of the Better Business Bureau, Silver Service Network and the Greater Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, PATI is a company that compiles, creates and maintains detailed inventories of all your important possessions, from financial details to important information and physical items, such as the contents of your home or who your financial adviser is and where you bank

The advantages are numerous. Not only do these inventories help you control and manage your assets, they're also useful for insurance and financial planning, as well as will and estate planning.

"We bring piece of mind," says PATI president Joe Hiscott. A professional engineer and now a retiree, he has created this business to outlast him and continue into the future. "It's something that can be used in a lot of different ways to help people," he explains. Perhaps you need to make an insurance claim or you're trying to determine how much insurance you need, based on your possessions. A PATI inventory eliminates any guesswork or problems. And if you need to assume financial management responsibilities that had been handled by your spouse or partner, the information is all right there and organized.

If you are moving into a smaller home or outside of the country a PATI inventory can keep track of where you have stored things, how they are being shipped and what you have given away. This can be invaluable when you are looking for something after the move. It can also show the condition of the item prior to the move in case of damage.

If you have family heirlooms and want to ensure the appropriate family member gets them you can provide guidance to your executor by working with your lawyer and making the inventory part of your will. You can also include extensive details about why the item is an heirloom and so important to your family. This is of particular importance to seniors who may have gotten re-married after their first spouse passes away and the new members of this new family have children from their first marriage.

The service can also prove invaluable when you're working with your accountant, financial planner, insurance broker, lawyer or executor. If you request it, PATI can pull together all the information that you need at tax time. Other options are available to minimize your efforts while providing the information needed to be in control and make informed decisions.

Clients receive a paper copy, plus a soft copy of physical inventories on a CD ROM. PATI services can be scheduled any day or evening and they're offered throughout Ontario. Gift certificates are available.

Bonded and insured, PATI is a secure, confidential service. Data is never lost, since client files are backed up three ways (including a set in a safety deposit box) and the company's main database computer is not hooked up directly to the Internet.

You can trust PATI - and Joe Hiscott - to help protect your valuables and bring you peace of mind. (613) 837-3686, 1-877-837-3686, info@pati.ca or www.pati.ca

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